There are over 560,000 tax accounts in the Portland metropolitan area paying in excess of over $3billion annually in property taxes. It is estimated, that 70% of property nationwide is wrongly assessed. Yet, less than 1% of taxpayers in the Portland area challenge the assessor’s value.

Could YOU be paying too much?
It is not possible for the assessor’s staff to insure that every property is correctly assessed. The values are based on trending by the assessor staff. This process allows the assessor staff to adjust values on large numbers of properties efficiently but not necessarily accurately and fairly. We often find like properties with large discrepancies in their assessed values.
Our experienced staff has handled thousands of property tax appeals in Oregon. Our experience allows us to review your individual situation and advise you whether an appeal would be recommended.
Each type of real property classification presents its own challenges in the appeal process. We can help you with any type of property.
Our staff has over 40 years experience in this field.


Our 90 minute class on the tax appeal process is very popular. This class covers the timelines involved in the appeal process. We look at market trending, which is the way the assessor assigns values to property. We

have a discussion about compression and how it works with an example. We show you how to access information about accounts that you probably did not know existed. We discuss what is appropriate information for a hearing. Also, how the board reaches it’s decision and how they notify you. Then we discuss the appeal process. 

 Our 60 minute class involves the last 3 subjects of the the 90 minute class in depth. We talk about omitted property, exception value and the gross error statute. This class has become very popular because of the increased usage of these items by the county assessor to extract additional revenue from the taxpayers


Meet Bob Schafer who works hard on your behalf along with Steve Anderson.